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The concept behind Altamayuz Almalaki‘s founding was to offer streamlined PRO services Dubai. This country is hospitable to investors looking to start a business, but it does require the right paperwork and permissions. You can designate us as your PRO agent to streamline the procedure.

In both Mainland and Free Zones, we offer support with firm creation, licensing, and other PR-related duties. We are aware of your company’s particular needs and features and ensure that our PRO services in the UAE adhere to all applicable laws.

Our team of professionals can assist you with all the paperwork required to launch a business, including translating documents into Arabic and comprehending currency fluctuations. With us, you may reduce the cost of PRO services and administration by up to 70%.

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What is PRO Services Dubai?

A Public Relations Officer (PRO) is responsible for managing all the paperwork and clearing services needed to start your business in the UAE.

They guide you through the necessary legal actions required by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and assist with license renewals, visas, labour agreements, and immigration requirements.

The PRO ensures a successful start to your business and ensures smooth operations throughout your venture.

PRO Services Dubai

What Are Corporate PRO Services In UAE

PRO Services Dubai

Personalised UAE PRO Services Delivered By Altamayuz Almalaki

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Frequently Asked Questions

PRO in the UAE refers to a Public Relations Officer. You need PRO services in Dubai to comply with the region's various business and employment laws. You don’t need to worry about the numerous labour and immigration laws when you choose the best corporate PRO services in Dubai offered by Altamayuz Almalaki.
You require PRO services in the UAE to build and retain a virtuous working relationship with local and national government offices, obtain certification and sanctions from authorities and coordinate for the Certificate of Origin/ Attestation, acquire labour approval, entry permit, employment visa, labour card, labour contract, residence visa, and a lot more.
With a one-stop solution for all your PR-related activities, Altamayuz Almalaki Business Setup ranks among the top business consulting firms in the UAE. So, let Altamayuz Almalaki's business professionals assist you in procuring the best PRO
If you're a foreign investor searching for affordable PRO services in Dubai, reaching out to Altamayuz Almalaki's PRO service consultants is easy. You can contact us by phone at +971 524071817 or +971 524361814, or use our chat support feature by sending a WhatsApp message to +971 524071817. We're also available via email at

PRO Services Dubai

PRO Services Dubai

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